The very elegant QEII

Apart from being a petrolhead, my inner tomboy also loves trains ships and planes. You can imagine my delight when I discovered the cruise ship Queen Elizabeth II, would be in harbour. Finally I'd get to feast my eyes on one of these beasts. What a joy it was! My eyes washed over it's enormity, …

The art of making beautiful light

Playgrounds are usually stuck out in the bright sunshine, right?! And it usually takes a lot of moving around so that kids aren’t squinting into the sun when you take a photograph.  Well, you can imagine my surprise when I saw this junk car … well-lit.  It was delightful to say the least!  Using a …

Ladies High Tea

Okay, so they're adults, but they're all young at heart! A lovely ladies high tea for a 30th birthday. It was such a pleasure meeting you Nokx, I had fun with you guys!


The cutest little chatterbox in our family. The only time she stopped her chatter was to eat jelly and custard.