Stepping out of my comfort zone 

Today I did something so random. My objective was quite clear but it was sideswiped because the thing I wanted actually wasn't where I was expecting it. Instead, I met with the totally unexpected - two random groups of young men, both in the same rendezvous point for similar reasons. While I sat there contemplating …

The very elegant QEII

Apart from being a petrolhead, my inner tomboy also loves trains ships and planes. You can imagine my delight when I discovered the cruise ship Queen Elizabeth II, would be in harbour. Finally I'd get to feast my eyes on one of these beasts. What a joy it was! My eyes washed over it's enormity, …

Seaside Meanderings

I knew from the minute I arrived that I would make every effort to walk along the beachfront as often as I could. Who wouldn’t, when you come from the city and have the wonderful opportunity of taking in all that is the ocean, every day. Marking my first week, I’ve walked 45km in total.

Santhini’s 1st Birthday

Little Santhini is an absolute doll and Saturday 4th April saw her friends and family gather in celebrating her very first birthday. It was such a treat capturing their obvious happiness and her delight, even though she was oblivious to the fact that all the effort was in her honour.

Hello world!

"There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.” - Ansel Adams. Photographs are here to stay - just when everyone thought the advent of digital photography would kill it! Every day approximately 52,000,000 photo's are uploaded to Instagram alone. I know I often wish I had more photographs of my …