The art of making beautiful light

Playgrounds are usually stuck out in the bright sunshine, right?! And it usually takes a lot of moving around so that kids aren’t squinting into the sun when you take a photograph.  Well, you can imagine my surprise when I saw this junk car … well-lit.  It was delightful to say the least!  Using a …

Here’s a great photography challenge!

If you’re up for a really tricky photography challenge this week, Paula is the girl. Try your hand at conceptual photography she says. Right. What on earth is that? Well obviously it’s photography of a concept, she tells us. She’s added some links that explain, one, a wiki, says that it’s a type of photography …

Not so lazy Thursday poem

Beautifully written!

Lucid Gypsy

I’m tired tonight, too tired to even write a five minute haiku. So, I decided to look back at things I’ve posted before and choose a poem for this week.

I’ve spent ages looking and there’s still more. I’m totally amazed at how much poetry I’ve written, even if lots of it is of little consequence.

So with apologies in case you remember this from four years ago, and for the lack of image.

Waves of Foam

Foaming ocean laps the Jurassic shore

where molten lava once seared and pitted

into burnished pockets of chalk

that glow pale in the shallows

where volcanic flame no longer scorches

earth but in its place frozen fluid

 turned to stone in the countless millennia

before mankind’s dawn

then lapis and bronze lay down its mineral

to adorn sweet womankind’s questing hands

and feet that step through warm golden sand

above the azure sky reflects light


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Rainy day meme-making

Having beautiful rainy weather today ... we really need it after our long drought and some awfully hot summer days.  I can almost hear my lawn growing (which I mowed yesterday!! haha).  Spending the day on a bit of admin while listening to the drops beating down on the roof.  Loving it!  

Ladies High Tea

Okay, so they're adults, but they're all young at heart! A lovely ladies high tea for a 30th birthday. It was such a pleasure meeting you Nokx, I had fun with you guys!


The cutest little chatterbox in our family. The only time she stopped her chatter was to eat jelly and custard.

Mira’s superhero party

In modern popular culture, a superhero is a heroic character possessing extraordinary talents. My favourite superheroes are little Mira and her wonderful family - all full of extraordinary talent! Always a delight in my life spending time with this family