The very elegant QEII

Apart from being a petrolhead, my inner tomboy also loves trains ships and planes. You can imagine my delight when I discovered the cruise ship Queen Elizabeth II, would be in harbour. Finally I’d get to feast my eyes on one of these beasts. What a joy it was! My eyes washed over it’s enormity, much like it washes over the oceans waves. Back and forth my gaze went, wondering all the while what goes on inside its vastness.

I’ve yet to feel the good fortune of experiencing a pleasure cruise. I so wanted in on their action! It would be an understatement if I said I observed a stationary and almost lifeless vessel for more than an hour. The genius of it all filled me to my core.

At long last, I tore myself away only to find I was amongst many of the passengers who were out touring the city. Later that afternoon, I returned to port to take some night photo’s of the ship. It was so enchanting seeing it’s flickering lights. The mood was palpable in talking with the many locals who were also stopping by to see this visitor to their shores.

My hopes were high that it would set sail soon and I could watch it dissolve in the dark, but alas it departed very close to midnight

Cruise ship trip added to bucket list – tick.


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