Seaside Meanderings

I knew from the minute I arrived that I would make every effort to walk along the beachfront as often as I could. Who wouldn’t, when you come from the city and have the wonderful opportunity of taking in all that is the ocean, every day.  Marking my first week, I’ve walked 45km in total.  My aim was to do 5km a day and most times it has been a little more than 6km and on the weekends much closer to 9km a day.  Filling my lungs with glorious fresh air and feasting my eyes on people watching as I go along, has made it all the more adventurous.  Further entertainment has been provided by the many seabirds along the way.  One dived into the ocean in front of me, came up again and flitted away while shaking all the water from it’s little head.  All I know is if I shake my head while I’m walking I’ll fall over.  I definitely don’t have such a finely tuned sense of balance.  A rather rare sighting was a Kingfisher diving headlong into the waves to nab a little fish.  As I understand it from the locals, it is rather a rare occurrence seeing kingfisher’s on a busy beach.  Lucky am I!

Very quickly it became obvious that there are regulars along the promenade at that time of the day – joggers, lovers, surfers, canoeists, swimmers, moms and tots and the list goes on. Stopping often, to exchange some dialogue with people walking their dogs and dogs walking their owners. One over-zealous Labrador kept jumping high into the air in an attempt to catch the billowing parachute from a kit surfer.  What on earth would he do with it if ever he managed to nab it from the air?!!  Another proper English gentleman named Paddy, walks his aptly name poodle, ‘Pepe’, every day and we’ve grown quite accustomed to stopping and having a banter about the company a dog provides if you’re living on your own and rather remotely from family.  Pepe gives me the giggles, because he’s all too friendly and likes some petting but the minute you get too close for cuddles he wriggles away and presses up against Paddy. I’d say he has some separation issues. He does make us laugh how very obvious he is about not wanting to be disconnected from Paddy.

There’s another lady who walks her two border collies and each time I see them I’m charmed about how different their personalities are. One is quieter and doesn’t stray from it’s master, the other certainly reminds me of an overwound toy – bounding here, pouncing there, darting back and forth, but never for a moment still and calm.

And all the while the waves gently lap onto the shore and further out crash against the savage rocks.

Sigh … loving the calmness I’m feeling while being here.

“Til next time!

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