The art of making beautiful light

Playgrounds are usually stuck out in the bright sunshine, right?! And it usually takes a lot of moving around so that kids aren’t squinting into the sun when you take a photograph.  Well, you can imagine my surprise when I saw this junk car … well-lit.  It was delightful to say the least!  Using a bit of fill light from a reflector, I derived great happiness from seeing this particularly awesome light. It was very difficult tearing myself away from here to make sure I got in other photographs. The lovely textures and pure delight on the kid’s faces is what had me annexed to the car. Don’t they just make for the most amazing photography?  Very seldom nowadays, do I come across a child who is camera shy.  Most of them will simply continue with their play, blissfully unaware that you’re hanging around them with a camera. Documenting their smiles and happiness while they’re having fun is so worth the time and I never get bored with it.  Added to which it’s a creative outlet for me and allows me to create my little piece of art.

This turned out to be an especially fun day as the party was held in a farmyard. The kids got to feed rabbits, geese, sheep, goats, ponies, a cow and a donkey, and they even gave me the giggles when they got the giggles from a long slimy tongue slithering across their teeny hands. And do you want to know something else?  While they’re playing and getting skinned knees and dirty hands, so am I, groveling around in the sand and manure and getting down to their level.  It gives me the chance to be a kid all over again – nothing better!  One little chap asked me if my Mom was going to be mad because my jeans were getting dirty.  I said no and enquired if his mom was going to be mad because of his dirty pants.  He replies with “No, I just tell her to close her eyes so that she can’t see how dirty I am”!  You gotta love them.

Going nowhere in a hurry
Going nowhere in a hurry

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